"Guest Speaker Success" By  Ken Wood & Karen Corban, Johann Nogueira, Carolyn Apostolou, Russell Voss, Scott Baker, Rob Flux, Pauline Martin-Brooks, Jane Slack-Smith, Martin Renaud, Timothy Carroll is a pioneering book, born from over three decades of experience in the vibrant world of live events and webinars. More than just a collection of expert insights, this transformative resource is designed to elevate your events into enthralling, impactful, and lucrative experiences.

The authors, seasoned in the industry, have been instrumental in spreading powerful messages through speakers who have influenced hundreds of thousands, guiding them towards success in various aspects of life. They have promoted over 110 speakers across 7 countries, in events ranging from small gatherings to grand spectacles and webinars, gaining invaluable insights into the art of selecting and collaborating with guest speakers to produce captivating and profitable events.

This book is a compilation of collective wisdom from the authors and nine other experts in their fields, covering diverse topics such as Partnerships, Collaborations, Leadership, Relationships, Beliefs and Mindset, Property, Health, the Power of Reviews, Audio Visual Strategies, and the Blueprint for Presenting Success and Maximising Sales at Events. Each chapter showcases the knowledge, expertise, mission, and style of these accomplished speakers, offering a treasure trove of practical knowledge that resonates and inspires.

Whether you are orchestrating webinars, hosting podcasts, or organizing live events, "Guest Speaker Success" is your guide to transforming these events into experiences that leave lasting impressions on your audience. It invites you to a world where events are not just gatherings but unforgettable experiences and pivotal milestones in your journey towards growth and success.

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