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We have written a few books on marketing and business strategy to help entrepreneurs grow their business and expand their reach. We have also compiled  a selection of "must-read" books for your personal library to help you grow as an entrepreneur.


Book Publishing Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Having a published book is one of the most powerful ways to gain authority in your industry. It's the ultimate marketing strategy that sells itself! And with these 5 Book Publishing Secrets, getting your book written, published, and into the hands of as many people as possible has never been easier!


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The 5 Stages To Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs commit to “the hustle” because they have a much bigger vision for their future than the average person. But then, if they work harder than an average worker, then why doesn't every entrepreneur become massively successful?

The fact is, many entrepreneurs are making the same mistakes year after year. Learn what those are and how to avoid them in The 5 Stages To Enterpreneurial Success.


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Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong!

Everything you've ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong!

In this #1 Best Selling Book, we'll reveal the strategies you can immediately deploy that will enable you to out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition.

In Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong, we want to teach you a system for marketing your business that will increase your profits immediately...


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Evolvepreneur Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Do you want simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money?

Discover the best steps for each strategy we teach and what the most important areas to focus on are, and even connect with your best customers and grow an online community.

If you're looking to succeed with quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs, then this brand new book by John North reveals how to create specific strategies to build your list, make offers and connect with your best buyers.


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In this insightful book, you will find the collective wisdom of 15 international thought leaders, scattered across three continents and multiple industries, as they share their best strategies for building influence and authority. Covering everything from video and print media to social media and consulting, AUTHORITY lets you inside the minds of experts who have built their own authority and helped countless others do the same. Whether you find yourself in a small business or large, virtual or traditional, you can benefit from the increased impact and success that comes with AUTHORITY.


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The Game of SQUASH

The Game of Squash Book was written to help beginners to advanced players get more out of their game and find ways to win more matches. We believe squash can become very addictive, but what a wonderful addiction!

Most players strive to improve, but the lack of discipline or knowledge can hold you back. The Game of Squash is designed to give you an easy resource for all things squash. If you’ve ever felt even mildly interested in playing, this is the resource for you. It will tell you absolutely everything you need to know, and hopefully encourage you to make squash a valuable part of your life.


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