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Unleash the power of your ideas where we transform your entrepreneurial vision into a best-selling book in as little as 90 days - without you writing a single word. We utilize a proven five-step system to design, create, publish, and promote your book. This isn't just publishing; it's a strategic move to amplify your credibility, generate leads, and establish you as an authority in your field. Join us to evolve your brand and story into a published success.

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Book Publishing

We help authors publish and get to #1 Best Seller. 
It is vital to publish your book with an expert publisher who will work with you to become a successful author. Evolve Global Publishing has the necessary experience and expertise not only in book publishing but also in book promotion and marketing. This means your book can reach the widest possible audience. We have been responsible for publishing over 350 books and 1000s of Best Sellers.

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#1 Best Seller Blueprint

Become a #1 International Best Selling Author! GUARANTEED!
There is a big difference between being an Author and being a #1 Best Selling Author.  The challenge most of our authors face is that, once the hard work of publishing their book is done, they then need to promote their book. 
One of the most effective ways of doing that is by attaining best-seller status.

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Create and Publish a Book

We have a simple 5-Step system which is designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, coaches and professionals just like you. This will help you to create your book and become recognised as the go-to expert, authority and star in your field and achieve #1 Best Seller.

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Our Books

We have written a few books on marketing and business strategy to help entrepreneurs grow their business and expand their reach. We have also compiled  a selection of "must-read" books for your personal library to help you grow as an entrepreneur.


Book Publishing Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Having a published book is one of the most powerful ways to gain authority in your industry. It's the ultimate marketing strategy that sells itself! And with these 5 Book Publishing Secrets, getting your book written, published, and into the hands of as many people as possible has never been easier!


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The 5 Stages To Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs commit to “the hustle” because they have a much bigger vision for their future than the average person. But then, if they work harder than an average worker, then why doesn't every entrepreneur become massively successful?

The fact is, many entrepreneurs are making the same mistakes year after year. Learn what those are and how to avoid them in The 5 Stages To Enterpreneurial Success.


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Other Books we've Published  


Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong!

Everything you've ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong!

In this #1 Best Selling Book, we'll reveal the strategies you can immediately deploy that will enable you to out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition.

In Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong, we want to teach you a system for marketing your business that will increase your profits immediately...


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Podcast Secrets for Entrepreneurs

"Podcast Secrets for Entrepreneurs" is a comprehensive guide that equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge to leverage podcasting for business growth. It provides a step-by-step approach to creating, launching, and growing a successful podcast.


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In this book, you will find the collective wisdom of 15 international thought leaders, scattered across three continents and multiple industries, as they share their best strategies for building influence and authority.


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Evolvepreneur Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Do you want simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money?

Discover the best steps for each strategy we teach and what the most important areas to focus on are, and even connect with your best customers and grow an online community.


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Products & Services:

Our passion is helping business owners succeed in marketing. In the digital era of the business world, internet marketing is the ruling king. Not only does it broaden a company’s reach and ensure its brand’s visibility, but it can also generate prospects and convert them into loyal consumers.

Led by John North, Evolve Systems Group has a network of services that aims at offering a one-stop internet marketing solution to businesses anywhere in the World.


A community-based learning portal for everything about online business and marketing.

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Focused on delivering the best solutions for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Podcasters, Publishers and Mastermind Groups.

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We help authors publish and market their books and become #1 Best Sellers.

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Powerful Yet Simple "All in One" Podcast Solution

Launch Your Podcast Show in Minutes!

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#1 Best Seller Campaigns for Amazon

Become a #1 International Best Selling Author! GUARANTEED!

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Best Seller Secret App

Skyrocket Your Authors to #1 Best-Seller Glory With Our Innovative and Time-Saving Turnkey Solution!

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Create a book in as little as 90 days without writing a single word.

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Extensive marketing services for entrepreneurs.

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Business mobile apps to build your market.

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Create a digital book with this cloud based solution

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Over 19 Interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

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Boost your LinkedIn marketing as well as other social platforms

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About Us

25 years of helping entrepreneurs be the best they can be

What is Evolve Systems Group?

35 Years in The Making...


Evolve Systems Group Pty Ltd was formed in 1990 to provide Business-related services and products to SMEs. We have vast experience in Software Development, Book Publishing. Accounting, CRM, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Strategy and Business Management. We have helped over 5,000 businesses improve systems, processes and business productivity.

We provide a holistic approach to your business and supply services and products to match your goals and targets.

We want to be involved in all aspects of your business and help you increase sales and lead generation. We offer an End-to-End Solution, not a partial or piecemeal approach that limits your success. Our consultants benefit from bringing new perspectives, new tools or processes and insights. At Evolve, we believe in helping you get results efficiently and making them last.

We offer business consulting with years of entrepreneurial experience. We enjoy helping entrepreneurs facing challenges in their planning, business management and strategy, and helping them break past their competition.

About John North:

Eight-Time #1 International Best-Selling Author, John North


John North is a Seven-Time #1 International Best Selling Author who is regarded as a versatile and experienced entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Business Management, Finance, Personal Development, IT, Software and Strategic Marketing.

John has written six #1 Best Selling Books about book publishing, business strategy and internet marketing, and a book about Squash.

John is the CEO of Evolve Systems Group. He is a serial entrepreneur who has created many products and services that are designed to empower business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of these ventures include: Evolve Global Publishing, Evolvepreneur.app, Evolvepreneur.club, EvolveYourBusiness, and Evolve Mobile.

John is passionate about helping business owners become smarter and more strategic about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded among his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach.

Evolve Global Publishing is a premium service that John created to enable him to help thousands rather than hundreds of entrepreneurs. He believes that anyone can follow a system to success, but the missing keys are implementation and accountability. The Evolve Global Publishing platform and its methodologies allow an entrepreneur and potential author to create and publish their own book in a little as 90 days without writing a single word! 

His latest venture, Evolvepreneur.app, is an all-in-one platform designed to allow entrepreneurs to take control of their future and to be less reliant on using social media for managing their business online.

John lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and son and plays competitive squash 5 days a week. 

John is an expert in quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs my accomplishments include:

☑️ Over 30 years in business and online marketing
☑️ Over 25 million worth of sales for myself and clients in 30 years
☑️ Written 6 #1 Best Selling business books
☑️ Published or been involved in over 1,500 books
☑️ Won Australia Day Award for my shire back in 1984
☑️ Worked as an ambulance officer
☑️ Was part of the state emergency  service
☑️ Was policeman for my town for 2 days
☑️ Took over failing accounting software distribution company and turned them into #2 distributor in the world in 3 years
☑️ "Built a powerful game-changing 'SaaS' business growth and marketing platform from the ground up


Hear What Our Authors Say...


"He made the process phenomenally easy, fantastically easy to deal with, and [was] always responsive."



"John approached me back in February, and we started talking about the book. And I'd always wanted to write a book. I never had the time to write a book.

So John pitched me with the idea of how easy it was; he promised 14 weeks, and he delivered in 14 weeks. He arranged everything, he structured everything, he brought everything together in terms of the compelling nature of the book, the content, the visuals, and the cover.

Not only did he deliver within the 14 weeks to the day, but he did deliver on the fact that it was a #1 best-selling book in America, in the UK, in Canada, in France and in Australia. It was a global phenomenon, just by publishing the book.

He made the process phenomenally easy, fantastically easy to deal with, and always responsive. The book has been phenomenal, but John enabled it to happen, because I could not have done this myself. John made it cost-effective, and he delivered on every single thing he said he would do, so I totally recommend John to publish your book."

Chris J Reed

Linkedin Mastery For Entrepreneurs
Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs
Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs


"I feel like I’ve finally started this journey and there’s many more [adventures] to come with Evolve Global Publishing."



So, my search over the years has been for authentic people doing what they love, and I think my journey has been going through all sorts of formal education and trying different professions and industries, from marketing to IT and business development and strategic management, and what it is that is my path and my journey and my key message.

So, about five years ago, when I first discovered a message about a book being a nice tool to tell the world about yourself and what you stand for and who you are and what you believe in. I got very excited, but very quickly, I realised that it’s really difficult to do it by myself. So, it was not until I met John and his team that this actually became a reality.

So it was very wonderful for me to be supported by John and his team through my process, which took a very long time as I said, until I finally allowed myself to really say exactly what I wanted to say. And it was very special that John was very kind and uninvasive. He was kind of looking out for me; over me; very gently without pushing me necessarily. But because I’ve seen the work that he’s done with other authors and all of his success, I guess that was something that kept me excited and kept me in this state of knowing that one day I will be ready; one day I will be ready.

They have been so amazing with absolutely tolerating all of my changes and improvements, and making sure that I am super happy with the result, and I know that this is just the first of many. This is one of the other levels of inspiration that Evolve Global Publishing has given me; it’s stepping into this whole possibility. It’s not just, “oh my gosh, finally this book is here,” but rather, “oh, this first thing is done, but what’s next?” I’m already excited about what’s going to happen next. It’s wonderful; I feel like I’ve finally started this journey and there’s many more to come, adventures with Evolve Global Publishing.

So, thanks so much guys, it’s wonderful to be your client.

Alena Norman

Energy To Lead


"Anyone that's interested in becoming an authority in the field, I strongly suggest that you give John at Evolve Global Publishing a call."



When I contacted John at Evolve Global Publishing and went through all the steps that he goes through with all of his authors, I started to feel more comfortable and confident that the strategies he was using would actually work this time against what didn't work last time. And the whole process was step-by-step, very clear, made very precise, very transparent and open, and the editors he used and the information he provided was absolutely first-class. I was really, really happy with the process.

Anyone that's considering writing a book; particularly a self-help book, I would really strongly suggest that you contact John at Evolve Global Publishing. He can discuss with you the steps. He can help you formulate your book, give you plenty of suggestions, from getting the wording right to editing, the cover. Even the title of the book - the title I chose originally was completely different to the title we ended up with.

So, anyone that's interested in becoming an authority in the field and wanting to share their information and their knowledge, I strongly suggest that you give John at Evolve Global Publishing a call.

Karen Phillip

Communication Harmony


"You just have to find a way to stand out that makes you unique. I think that's where Evolve really helped me. "



"Before Evolve Global Publishing, I was struggling with standing out in a crowd. There's a sea of sameness out there. I'm an accountant, tax agent and financial planner, and ther is no shortage of us. Why should someone pick me?

You just have to find a way to stand out that makes you unique. You need to evoke something from your prospects that makes them want to pick you. I think that's where Evolve really helped me.

As a best-selling author, my credibiity and authority is no longer in question."

Frank Genovesi

Deduct Your Home


"I'm proud of the book, I take it everywhere, and we're sending out thousands of copies. I really owe this to John and the whole team at Evolve."



"Before I came to John and Evolve Global Publishing, I was trying to get it published on Amazon and in major bookstores, and we had a heck of time getting it formatted. We were up against a tight deadline. John's responses were very quick, very responsive. I just can't say enough good about what these guys did to get my book out the door out the time - and not just get it out, but I was thrilled with the way it looks.

I'm proud of the book, I take it everywhere, and we're sending out thousands of copies. I really owe this to John and the whole team at Evolve. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Todd Eldredge

Cardiovascular Wellness Management Success Plan


"If you have an idea, if you have a book, if you've written a book, can I tell you sincerely that you will do no better than talk to John North at Evolve Global Publishing."



"I am very, very pleased to tell you that Evolve Global Publishing has done a wonderful job with picking up this manuscript and getting it published, softcover, digital, hardcover; anything I wanted has been no problem.

John North has become, in a very short period of time, a close mate. He's honest, he's friendly, he's talented, he's sincere. They're qualities that are not that common these days.

So, if you have an idea, if you have a book, if you've written a book, can I tell you sincerely that you will do no better than talk to John North at Evolve Global Publishing.

I did, and I'm one happy author."

Bob "The Boss" Lloyd

Get Active Your Body Needs You


"John’s services were absolutely fantastic, very clear and easy to use."



"I published the book at the beginning of August this year, and by the 29th of August, it had reached best-selling in 14 categories in 4 categories, which is why I can call myself a “Best-Selling Author” now. That was in no small part to John’s and Evolve Global Publishing’s services in getting me that fantastic achievement.

There are many services on offer, but the one I was interested in was the best-selling campaign because I wanted my book to be visible and in the right categories, and I knew I needed help with that. Amazon’s structure is extremely complicated and I would have struggled to have done an effective job myself.

John’s services were absolutely fantastic, very clear and easy to use. I didn’t have to do that much work at all for the best-selling campaign; I just trusted in his abilities.

And it’s working! It’s opening doors; I’ve got press coverage coming in, slowly but surely, and that is definitely because I can send out notices and say that I’ve already achieved a best-seller, and it makes people more interested. So thanks, John, and thanks, Evolve Global Publishing!"

Rachel Davidson

The Point Of Me


"John is a sensational man who will help you through every step of the process"



"I love writing. And I thought to myself, if I do love writing, why not do a book that could help people live their dreams? It's hard to find the right people to help you in that dream. So, I found a gentleman called John North. John is a sensational man who will help you through every step of the process in actually publishing your book.

So much so, that we've actually hit #1 best-seller with The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success & Personal Fulfilment."

Barry Nicolaou

The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success & Personal Fulfilment


"He actually went above and beyond what I expected."



"By the time I'd written the book, I was so exhausted. I had run out of time, energy and inclination to actually go through the publishing process by myself. It was at this time that I met John North from Evolve Global Publishing. He picked up the process for me and he ran with it. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and he was ever so helpful throughout the whole process.

He actually went above and beyond what I expected. As a result, my book, Ignite The Spark, was published and become a #1 best-seller internationally."

Gina Mitchell

Ignite The Spark


"You won't regret the investment in yourself and the realisation of your dreams."



"I’m the author of “How To Lead A Corporate Spin-Off”. I wanted to take a few minutes, with my book in hand, to thank John North and his team at Evolve Global Publishing for helping me get my book and make my dream a reality.

I highly recommend John and his team at Evolve Global Publishing. You won’t reget the investment in yourself and the realisation of your dreams. Good luck with self-publishing your book, and I wish you the best of success."

Leda Csanka

How To Lead A Corporate Spin-Off


"Doing everything by myself cost me more time, money and frustration than having it done by John from the very beginning."



"I was very happy when I heard that John North had a great designer team, and indeed they gave me suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of, and the result is a cover that I love.

The last step was to relaunch my book, and again, you cannot imagine how it feels to have someone who coordinates everything and not having to stress out that it is done correctly whether I forgot something. I love writing, I love to understand the publishing process and learn new things, but trust me, it’s priceless to have someone who holds your hand and watch him doing things he has mastered perfectly.

Doing everything by myself cost me more time, money and frustration than having it done by John from the very beginning. I’m sure you can relate. Doing it all by myself or delegating the tasks to different people one yo discover that the result isn’t what I hoped for is very frustrating. So working with John and his team was a very valuable and pleasant experience that I highly recommend. 

What I enjoyed the most was working with someone who has all the knowledges and services in the same place, instead of looking for a designer, then for someone else for another thing and hoping I made the right choice, the same company took care of everything I needed.

My relaunch was a great success. My book got its international best-selling status back, and of course, I am very, very happy with it. So thank you John, and his team.

Laura Van Den Berg-Sekac

Get Unstuck Now


"Thank you to John and the team at Evolvepreneur for their help, expertise, and at times, patience, in helping me complete a project that really does encapsulate my life's work."



My name is Scott Capelin. I've written a book called "inShape inLove inSpired". So, what I do is, I work in the health and wellness sector. I own a couple of fitness studios. I'm in the process of franchising those businesses. I suppose, over the last couple of decades, I've felt that it's all well and good to improve your fitness, but the philosophy behind the book is that peak health is the foundation of living a live of abundance.

So, basically, I like to think that I help people get the most out of life, and that all starts with peak health and fitness.

So, in terms of what my life was like before the best seller campaign, probably the biggest challenge I had was procrastination. Writing a book is something I had wanted to do for many years. I felt quite frustrated that I had not done it yet.

I came across John and Evolvepreneur and contacted John, and pretty much right away, I realised I was dealing with the right people.

Now that I've actually achieved a lifelong goal of writing an international #1 bestseller, I can probably say that the biggest positive is that I just feel so pleased, satisfied, and fulfilled with the achievement, and I'm happy also that I can use it in my marketing material. It forms a pretty strong piece of credibility for me to move forward with my career.

In closing, I'd really like to say thank you to John and the team at Evolvepreneur for their help, expertise, and at times, patience, in helping me complete a project that really does encapsulate my life's work.

Scott Capelin

inShape inLove inSpired

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