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Welcome to Evolvepay

Evolvepay can manage your payroll process using our suite of employee management services. You can trust us to take care of all your payroll headaches – fraud risk, tax and legislative compliance, Superannuation payments, audit trails and HR reporting, all while reducing your payroll processing costs. For smarter payroll solutions, contact Evolvepay today! Evolvepay is more than just a web based service. Evolvepay is truly On Demand, available when and where you need it. It’s intuitive Interface fully automates the payroll and back office function of your business. The solution is comprehensive and will assure total compliance with all your payroll legal obligations. Simple to use and cost effective, Evolvepay renders traditional payroll software obsolete. Evolvepay has integrated Employee Self Service so that employees and managers can apply for leave and expense reimbursement, change personal details and view pay slips online. The service is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for an SME aiming to streamline time and costs associated with managing the payroll.

Why Use Evolvepay?

Evolvepay is simply the best solution for Australian small to medium enterprises. All payroll related back office functions are fully automated while you have full control of the payroll, when and how its run. Sure you can buy software but you still have to pay your employees, pay your tax, fulfill your super and send your employees declarations to the tax office. With Evolvepay all these requirements are fully automated leaving you free to manage your business. Evolvepay fully automates and streamlines the payroll and back office function of your business. Evolvepay is an innovative online payroll software solution. This comprehensive solution will assure total compliance with all your payroll legal obligations. Evolvepay is simple to use, cost effective and available anytime, anywhere.

Employee Self Service


Employee Self Service allows staff to access personal information such as payslips and leave accruals directly through a secure online portal. And, if you like, staff can also change information such as after hours contact details and home addresses, freeing payroll staff from the burden of making such changes.


Imagine no more missing leave forms! eWorkflow will improve your business efficiency and improve the integrity of your leave management process by enabling employees to apply for leave and managers to approve leave applications online.

Features of the Evolvepay include

  • All gross and net pay calculations
  • Calculations of annual, sick and even long service leave accruals
  • Management reporting
  • Payroll transaction reports
  • Entitlement leave accruals such as annual sick and long service
  • Monthly superannuation disbursements
  • Monthly summaries
  • Employee pay slips
  • Integration with General Ledger using your GL codes
  • Pay employees directly into their account (via a Transaction Negotiation Authority)
  • Payment summaries (group certificates) at end of year
  • Electronic submissions of Tax File Numbers to the Australian Tax Office
  • Maintenance of superannuation and taxation legislation
  • Fulfilment of member choice super obligations
  • Calculation of payroll tax obligation
  • Payment of Pay As You Go (PAYG) obligations
  • Integration with Employee self Service (web payslips and leave automation)
  • That’s why we can offer you a suite of add on services that will ensure compliance while empowering your employee management.
  • Electronic payment of employees
  • Superannuation Calculation
  • PAYG Calculation
  • Payroll Tax Calculations and payment
  • Web Based Leave Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Tax File Number Fulfilment