Sales Enquiry FAQ

What is Evolvepay?

Evolvepay is a web based payroll solution which fully automates and streamlines the payroll function of a business. The solution is comprehensive and will assure total compliance with the entire payroll related legal obligations. It is simple to use and cost effective.

Why do I want to buy Evolvepay?

With Evolvepay you can access your data and run your payroll anywhere and anytime. You get access to a wide range of features that save you time and effort ensuring that you are always on top of your payroll obligations.

Who is behind Evolvepay?

Evolvepay is Australia’s first Software as a Service (SaaS) payroll provider. With the URL registered in 1997 and the first clients signed up in 2002
Evolvepay has substantial experience with SaaS technology. Being fully owned by Aussiepay Australia’s largest independent business process outsourcing payroll service, Evolvepay is able to provide leading online payroll solution to SMB’s in Australia.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on employee count please [click here].

How do I pay?

You can complete the Wizard by adding your Credit Card details where your account will be debited on a monthly basis.

Can I integrate Evolvepay?

Yes, you can integrate Evolvepay with various account packages like Sage Pastel, Interprise Suit, XERO, MYOB, Netsuite, Accounts IQ, JCurve, Accpac and many more…

Who are Evolvepay client?

Evolvepay clients are mostly SME, spread over various industries from Retail, Hospitality, Education, Service, Administration etc.

What do the existing clients think about Evolvepay?

“The best feature of Evolvepay is that it is so user-friendly allowing me to process 17 employees in less than 15 minutes – meaning less time doing admin work and more time increasing sales.”
– Scott Altmann, Director, Pizza Hut Sovereign Hill

“We chose Evolvepay because all 70 of our employees and management staff can access the web service anywhere to apply for leave, check payslips and expenses.”
– Amanda Brennan, Corporate Services Manager, Langdon Ingredients

“Evolvepay’s speed, efficiency and ease to deal with simply blew me away. I wish I had found it earlier”
– Nik Cree, Director, Business Publications Australia

Why is Evolvepay better than other payroll providers?

Because it’s the only online payroll solution with the combination of:

  • Employee Self Service (online payslips);
  • Web Based Leave Management (leave workflow);
  • On Demand Reporting (information whenever you want);
  • Super and PAYG Payments (eliminate compliance risks);
  • Payroll Tax Calculations and payments;
  • Salary packaging; and
  • Document Upload (single point for all employee data)

In other words Evolvepay saves you time so you can concentrate on running your business.

Can I get a demo of Evolvepay?

You can book a free demonstration by clicking here

How do I setup Evolvepay?

You can set up your Evolvepay through the Wizard, which enables a business to set up a payroll over the internet without requiring any external support. There are only 5 easy steps to setup your Evolvepay just enter Company details, Pay Frequency, Employee Type, Superannuation and Pay Categories.We also offer training and setup to assist you. Visit our pricing page for more information

Does Evolvepay provide any training?

Yes, Evolvepay conducts regular training so you can maximise the full value of the product.

Where is the data stored?

Macquarie Telecom, one of Australia’s premier tier one data centers.

How can I be sure my data will be secure?

The physical security of Evolvepay data is assured by a state-of-the-art, ISO 9002 certified Internet Data Centre that incorporates:

  • Advanced security detection and biometric systems
  • Monitoring 24 hours per day by a sophisticated CCTV system, with footage recorded and archived for a period of 30 days
  • Raised floor protection from water damage
  • Environmental optimization and monitoring controls
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Multiple power supplies including dedicated HVAC power supply from two independent Energy Australia feeders and transformers
  • UPS with four hours survivability and emergency backup generators with in-house fuel for 48 hours full load continuous operation without refueling. These resilient power supplies also provide protection against power fluctuations and spikes.

Evolvepay’s software security incorporates the same encryption methods as Internet stock brokerage and Internet banking systems. Security technologies and practices include:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology
  • HTTPS encryption and hashing
  • Individual user access settings
  • User activity logging

What are the upcoming products of Evolvepay?

Document Upload, where you can store all your employee data in the same place.

Can I become a channel partner with Evolvepay?

Email us for more information.

Can Evolvepay work internationally?

Evolvepay is designed for Australian payroll processes and legislation. International companies with Australian employees can use
Evolvepay to pay their Australian employees only; it doesn’t actually matter where your company’s Head Office is located.

Evolvepay cannot be used for staff employed outside of Australia.

Can my employee use an overseas bank account?

No, you would need to send the funds to an Australian account or set the employee to cheque and make the overseas payment manually.
Payroll Administration FAQ

Can I have people from different parts of my business running the payroll at the same time?

Yes, some of our clients prefer a partitioned approach (e.g. by division or state) so that each division or department can have a separate person running the payroll. Talk to one of our friendly consultants about how to customize an
Evolvepay package to suit your business.

Can Managers and Directors access my payroll system to find out details regarding their particular employees?

Each manager or director can be given different authority levels (e.g.: only view their respective cost centers details). Directors and managers can be given access to the payroll and reports. At the end of running a payroll
Evolvepay has an automatic report distribution facility where Evolvepay can be instructed to send certain reports to certain email addresses (e.g.: a summary report to the financial controller and the HR report to the HR manager). You can manage these authority levels all online within

Do I need to have any special software installed?

No, you do not need to install any software. The advantage of Evolvepay’s Software as a Service model is that the program is completely online. Once your
Evolvepay account is set up, you will receive unique login details so that you can access
Evolvepay securely from any computer with internet access – from anywhere in the world! Plus, because
Evolvepay is online, any product upgrades or legislation changes will automatically be provided the next time you log into
Evolvepay, saving you both time and money.

Does it matter how many employees I have?

No, Evolvepay is used by companies with as few as one Australian employee, right up to companies with hundreds of staff. It is important that the
Evolvepay solution is tailored to your requirements, so contact us to see how
Evolvepay can help you more efficiently manage your employees.

How does Evolvepay assist with Super Choices legislation?

Due to the fact that employees can now choose their own Super fund it can be difficult to know you have entered their details correctly.

Evolvepay has a complete list of Australian Superannuation funds (this list is continually updated as new funds emerge) and a Superannuation search function is provided which can assist you to ensure you are selecting the correct Super fund for that employee. For example: AMP may have five different funds, but your employee doesn’t know which one they are a member of. By using the limited details provided by that employee you can have peace of mind that you have allocated the correct fund to that employee.

How long will it take Evolvepay to set up my account?

Evolvepay can be implemented in few hours of receiving signed implementation documents, if you require our assistance in entering employee details this timeframe may be extended. The implementation timeframe can be discussed with our
Evolvepay team.

How long will it take for me to process our payroll?

Each company is different. Generally, the more staff you have the longer it will take. However, once set-up,
Evolvepay automatically generates a standard input sheet for each employee based on their regular hours and salary package. All you need to do is enter any variations, and this simple process has proved to be far less time consuming than using other payroll software and manual procedures. Some of our customers have been able to reduce their payroll processing time to just minutes – check out our Testimonials page to see what some of our existing clients have to say about

How many bank accounts can each of my employees have?

There is no limit to how many bank accounts each employee can choose to have their pay deposited into. You can choose to provide employees with access to the online Employee Self Service portal where the employee has responsibility for viewing, updating and verifying their banking details. Alternatively, you can choose to have these changes handled by your payroll authority. Employees can also choose what fixed amounts or percentages of their total pay will be deposited into each of their bank accounts.

How regular are scheduled maintenance and updates?

Automated maintenance, such as reindexing and database performance optimization, occurs on a weekly basis. Minor enhancements are released fortnightly, with additional functionality released every one to two months. These releases are notified via the
Evolvepay blog, occur outside business hours and rarely impact live users.

If I choose Employee Self Service and Leave Management, do all my employees need to use it?

No they don’t. It’s easy to select what level of access you would like each employee to have, and you can change it at any time. This is perfect if you’ve got a combination of employees – some who are office based and some who might work in a warehouse or manufacturing position.

Once I’ve run my payroll, how do my staffs get paid?

You have two options for paying your staff:

Upload the ABA bank file generated by Evolvepay into your internet banking software and pay your employees into as many bank accounts as required, in one simple step – this is the most commonly used method.
Or, if you require, you can manually make separate cheque, EFT or cash payments to each employee using the supplied summary report.

The Evolvepay offices are in Sydney. Can you provide services to interstate companies?

Of course we can! That’s just another benefit of the Software as a Service model. With the wonders of internet technology, it is easy to communicate with Evolvepay, no matter where you are located.

What are Evolvepay’s system requirements?

All you need is a computer with internet access, and Internet Explorer. While
Evolvepay does work on dial-up internet connection, we recommend that for a faster and more convenient result, you use a broadband connection.

As for training – as long as you are comfortable using a computer, you should have no problems running a basic payroll.

Support FAQ

What happens with my payroll when I go on holidays?

If you are the person who normally runs the payroll, but you won’t be in the office – don’t fear!

Evolvepay’s accessible Software as a Service model provides you with two options:

  • You can set up another employee or stakeholder as an authority. That person will then be able to login to
    Evolvepay from their own computer and run the payroll in your absence. By having their own login, there will also be a record of what changes were made while you were out of the office.
  • Or, you can simply login to Evolvepay yourself from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, allowing you to retain complete control of the payroll process.

It’s entirely up to you!

What support can Evolvepay provide?

Evolvepay has a team of friendly service staff who can assist you with how to use
Evolvepay. Support services are available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (Sydney time). If you require assistance with legislation, accounting, human resources issues and any other employee management information, this website has a list of resources to help you find the information you need.

Will Evolvepay work with my current rostering and time and attendance system?

Evolvepay is designed to work with various rostering and time and attendance providers. Your current provider can obtain a specifications document from our Resources section, under “Fact Sheets” so that they can provide you with a compatible file that you can upload easily into
Evolvepay when you want to process your payroll.

Will my information be backed-up automatically?

Evolvepay utilizes multiple failsafes at both the server and database levels, including:

  • Weekly entire server backups
  • Daily differential server backups
  • Daily full database backups
  • Hourly database (transaction log) backups
  • There is no need for you to manually back-up your payroll data or double-enter your information

My account says I am locked out?

Please see your company payroll administrator who can send you new credentials.

How do I change my password after my first initial login?

Once you have logged in the first window will be “change of password”, otherwise you can go to “my account” tab and change your password.

How do I add a new paycode?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay to add for you, there will be cost involved for this service.

How do I add a new paycycle?

Administrators only – Go to authorization page and click “new authority”.

How do I add a new cost centre to an employee?

Administrators only – First you must add the cost centre to the employer tab, then add to yourself and then you will be able to add to employees.

How do I add a new super group?

Go to employer tab and click on to Super fund tab, click on to “add fund” or “add self managed fund”.

How can I setup an employee who is not being paid by the company but is only approving leave request?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay for advice.

What do I do if an employee is not showing on the payroll input sheet?

Check “missing employees” (sitting just below Step 3).

Does Evolvepay send TFN details to ATO?

Yes, every 14 days.

How do I increase/decrease leave balances for employees?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay for assistance.

How do I adjust employee’s tax within a payroll?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay for assistance.

How & Where do I setup Salary Sacrifice for employees?

Check the online Help that will assist with screen shots.

If an employee is terminated, where do I get their payment summaries?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay for assistance.

If I am a transferring employee from one account to another, what do I need to do?

Terminate employees with termination reason “Intercompany transfer” with no pay.

Where can I source the current tax table?

You can source a current tax table from the ATO website.

I cannot change an employee’s YTD, how can I do this?

Administrators only – Please call Evolvepay for assistance.

Where do I login on the home page?

Click the Login Link in the top right of the page or go to Customer Login.

What is Employee Self Service User?

This will enable an employee to view their own employee details and edit their address, emergency contacts and bank account details.

What is Leave User?

This will enable a user to apply for leave online once setup on the organizational chart and to approve leave for employees reporting to them.

If I update my employee TFN will this be sent to the ATO?


Are BSB numbers validated?

Yes Evolvepay updates the list of valid BSB numbers on a regular basis.

What are the standard reports available?

There are hundreds of reports available for a sample pack please click on sample reports button